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The application process

How to apply for specialist and support staff roles in the AFP

A unique career

The Australian Federal Police is Australia’s national policing agency. Our role is to protect Australians and Australia's interests from serious criminal threats by staying a step ahead. 


Serving the community

To operate effectively, we need to keep the confidence of governments, partners and the communities we serve. 

Operate with integrity and commitment

That means our employees must operate with integrity, commitment, excellence, accountability, fairness, respect and trust. Our application process is designed to find specialist and support staff with the highest standards and the ability to outsmart crime through intelligent action. 

Application process overview

You will find AFP vacancies for specialist and support staff roles: 

Specific application requirements will vary depending on the role and will be clearly outlined in the job advertisement. 

You must create a candidate profile in MyCareer (the AFP’s online recruitment system) before you can apply for an advertised role. To make your profile active you must: 

  • Accept the data privacy statement (DPS) 
  • Complete all mandatory fields (highlighted with a red *) in your profile 
  • Review and confirm that your profile is correct and up to date. 

Once complete, you will only need to update your profile information if your circumstances change or if the DPS is updated. 

You will be asked to upload your resume/CV. This should demonstrate that you meet all requirements and have the right qualifications, experience and skills. See the AFP’s guide to writing a resume for more information. 

pitch is a summary of your claims for the position for which you are applying. It should: 

  • Be relevant to the selection criteria and other stated role requirements 
  • Be concise, consistent and clear 
  • Succinctly articulate why you are a suitable candidate and what you can bring to the role. 
  • Read the AFP’s How to develop a two-page pitch guide 
  • Carefully review the position requirements and responsibilities and address them in the pitch 
  • Carefully review the selection criteria and address them in the pitch 
  • Consider other relevant information, such as team overview and key working relationships, in the job advertisement or candidate information package 
  • Look for more information about role expectations in the AFP’s work level standards for the advertised position 
  • Call or email the contact person for the position to ask specific questions. 
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Frequently asked questions

The length of the recruitment process can vary depending on things like your preferred role type, deployment preference and time to complete assessments. Some applicants may finalise all processes in six months; others may take over 12 months. The recruitment team will assist you wherever possible to complete the recruitment process in a timely way.

We are looking for people who are physically fit and value health and fitness as a lifestyle choice. You will have to take and pass a fitness test known as the EPCA as part of the recruitment process. 

The EPCA is the minimum fitness standard required. However, the mandatory training all recruits undergo while at AFP College can be physically demanding, so the AFP expects your level of fitness to be at a higher standard upon entering the College. 

Our six-week Pre-course Fitness Program (best followed under the guidance of a qualified trainer) has been designed to help you reach those higher levels. Download the program.  

Applicants must have a current first aid certification (including CPR) that is valid for the duration of our training (police – 24 weeks, protective service officer – 14 weeks). You will also need evidence that you can swim 100 metres freestyle non-stop and unaided. These are required as you may have to administer first aid or undertake swimming activities during training.

Providing your traffic history in all States/Territories/countries where you have held a licence helps us assess your ability to comply with the AFP’s professional standards in both an official and private capacity. Having a history of disregarding the law may prevent you from working for the AFP.  For more information, you can download a copy of the AFP’s standards as a PDF or Word document. 

Drug and alcohol testing is an employment-suitability requirement for all applicants engaged to work for the AFP. This testing can be done at any time throughout the onboarding process or shortly after starting with the organisation. In addition, the AFP undertakes random and targeted drug and alcohol testing of AFP employees on an ongoing basis. Learn more about the drug and alcohol testing program here.

Given the nature of working for the AFP, applicants must be assessed for security-clearance suitability in order to protect official and classified resources.  

The AFP Personal Security Vetting Team will need to look at your past (going back at least 10 years) to assess your employment, residential, financial and personal history. They will see whether you have a history of disregarding the law, and you will also be required to account for any significant periods spent living in foreign countries, or regular travel abroad to regions of interest. 

If you have a partner, the security assessment will also extend to them and their background. 

A security clearance assessment is required to establish, to the appropriate degree of satisfaction, that you possess and demonstrate an appropriate level of integrity (soundness of character and moral principle) and character traits in order for the AFP to have confidence in your ability to protect Australian Government resources. Some risk-factor areas of your life, including personal relationships, employment history, behaviour and financial habits, will contribute to the assessment of your integrity to establish confidence that you possess a sound and stable character and that you are not unduly vulnerable to influence or coercion. 

As part of the AFP recruitment security vetting process, all applicants will be required to provide finger and palm print biometric data, which will be compared to existing biometric records managed by the Australian Crime and Intelligence Commission (ACIC) within the National Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS). 

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